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HDTIs were taught around the world. Between 1980-4 HDTIs were adapted in Latin American projects, translated, and renamed Curso Internacional de Capacitacion Comunitaria (CICC). In Latin American they were taught in Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Jamaica, Peru, Venezuela and in Europe in Portugal and Spain. (Bill Alerding, 1992)

The Local Economic Vehicle: Some Parameters“, Jeff Coolidge

Local Economics“, Consult Contextual Spin, 1979

Initiatives: Localizing Control of Health Care, Summer’97:   “Localizing Control of Health”, Louise Singleton,page 1;  “Facilitating Public Health Practitioners”, Agnes Hinton, p 5;  “Community Health Partners”, Linda Simpson, page 8; “Educating for Health: Nairobi-Chicago Connection”, Keith Packard, page 9, “Caring for Kids”, Tim Dove, page 10.

Specific program accomplishments in selected programs