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EDGES – a research journal from ICA Canada

EDGES - a research journal from ICA Canada


A really good publication.

Participation Works, Case Studies  September 1993, Vol.5, No.4

EDGES, September 1994,Vol. 6, No.3

The Magic of the Facilitator, Brian Stanfield

EDGES – September 1995, Vol.7, No.2

Transparent Strategy, Brian Stanfield


EDGES – January 1996, Vol.7, No.3

Facilitating Social Change, Duncan Holmes, EDGES: Dynamic Facilitation 


EDGES – April 1997,  Vol.9, No.1, p2  

Focused Conversation: Skills Training,


EDGES – December 1997, Vol.9, No.3

Amplifying Facilitation


EDGES – March 1998. Vol.10, No.1

Stretching the Facilitator,


EDGES – January 1996, Vol. 7 No.3

Dynamic Facilitation – the whole issue is on facilitation


EDGES – January 1996, Vol.7, No.3, p. 4 

Proactive Public Meetings, Duncan Holmes, EDGES: Dynamic Facilitation


EDGES – April 2000, Vol.12, No.1, p.22, 

Facilitator Competencies, International Association of Facilitators


EDGES – April 2000, Vol, 12, No.1

Disciplines of the Facilitator


This is story about first ICA Canada Facilitators conference

*********EDGES – September 1995, Vol. 7, No. 2,       

A History of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), p.20, Beret Griffith and Jean Watts, . (check with Wendell – Wrong Edges – it has 8 pages)



Evolution of ICA’s Facilitation Methods, Brian Stanfield, 2003