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Certainly the major underlying assumption of the triangles is that all of life is Trinitarian. We don’t talk about that in our secular talk about the social processes, but underneath it’s just Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the given, the redeeming, the inspirational, or whatever you want to call it.  On the one hand there seems to be a body of rather fundamentalist new ICAers who contend that the titles themselves are somehow sacrosanct.  (Long ago, the ICA did this!)  And there are all sorts of people who don’t like the language because it’s old and white.  Really if you connect with the theological dynamic underneath, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s the way life works.  For whatever reasons, while the ICA has been actively pushing the secular methods, it seems like the theological underpinnings—by which you make sense out of the methods—don’t get mentioned, so it can be a little hard sometimes to find a leg to stand on. (It’s a life method because you say it’s a life method?  Really?)  — Maureen Jenkins, Imaginal Training  — Email from Indonesia