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New Horizons In Learning
Summer 1987

Research Event


New Horizons In Learning Educational Research Conference was held in Guatemala for 400 educators, business people, health professionals, development agencies, and government officials.

1987 - 1988



• Several people attended Jean Houston’s Mystery School and The Human Capacities School in New York State.


• Book Research Team established 1987–88.


• Consulting services began in Brasil (Bill Grow, 1993)


Partnership Building



Training, Inc.


Training, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania opened in February (Sharp, 1992).


Training, Inc, Washington, D.C. opened in May (Sharp, 1992).


Training, Inc. New Orleans opened.


Training, Inc. “network received award for Best Social Inventions ’88 from the Institute for Social Inventions, London, England” (Allerding, 1992).


  Council of the Order Ecumenical


“Our Common Future” conference held in Oaxtepec, Mexico, November 1988. Over 500 people from 30 nations attended. The Order: Ecumenical and its family structures shifted from gathered, residential units to a dispersed informal network. Research was launched in four networks: Education, Development, Economic, and Planetary Unity. The ICA began a new phase offering courses and consulting as a not-for-profit organization.


Rite of Passage (1988)—6th grade trip to the Pacific Northwest




Published the IERD book series:


• Volume 1, Directory of Rural Development Projects


• Volume 2, Voices of Rural Practitioners


• Volume 3, Approaches that Work in Rural Development


ICA Canada began publication of EDGES magazine.


Program and Project Launches


Regional offices launched partnerships throughout the U.S. with local communities, public agencies, and private-sector organizations (The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1991).


The Earthwise Learning Series (ELS) was conceived in Phoenix.


ICA Canada launched a one-day Learning Lab based on Gardner’s Seven Intelligences.


Education Reformulation Project begins in Panvel Block, India (Stanfield, 1992).