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Planetary Vision Quest
Summer 1986

Planetary Vision Quest


Research Event


The “Planetary Vision Quest” was held in Chicago with Jean Houston, Fritjof Capra, and Marilyn Ferguson as presenters.


“We became fascinated with ‘New Age’ leaders…and incorporated visualization and meditation, etc. into our ‘repertoire’” (Ensinger, 1992).


  Council of the Order Ecumenical


The first Global Council outside the continental United States, held in Bilbao, Spain, was a turning point. The decision was made at the Council in Bilbao to meet globally once every four years. The Summer Research Assemblies would no longer to be held in Chicago. Three “Breakthrough Teams” were launched:


• Long Term Investment Team, Chicago


• Research Synergism Node, Toronto


• International Development Team, Brussels




June–July 1986


Summer Teacher’s Institute in Imaginal Education, Atlanta, Georgia


“The theoretical learning of the Teacher’s Institute was implemented at the Teacher House, a live-in experience for teachers conducted by the Institute of Cultural Affairs at its training centger in Decatur, Georgia. The Teacher House participants attended the Teacher’s Institute at Spelman College and Atlanta University on rotation in the mornings and simultaneously staffed the pilot children’s residential summer program: The Atlanta Adventure” (Elise Packard [1986] Teacher House Report).


“The Atlanta Adventure was a five-week experience in imaginal education for pre-kinder and first grade students (age 10 months to 8 years) in North America. The total number of children…was 14. A total of 18 adults from six states and four nations participated as staff of the Atlanta Adventure [and instructors] in the Teacher’s Institute” (All One Planet, 1986).


The Movement

Skunk Works, I and II. Held key meetings with Marty Seldman.* From 1972 to 1986, Marty specialized in the field of training, training trainers, and program design. A Program Fair included:


» Development of a Global Economic Network Strategy


» Development of sales skills


• Training, Inc., Newark opened in Newark, New Jersey.


• Training, Inc. National Association formed.


• Product Delivery Capacity (PDC) was developed, Chicago.


• “Effective Leadership Training” facilitation methods Toronto format was brought to the ICA West Primary Unit and courses were offered on a regular basis.


THE NODE, an informal ICA Network newsletter was initiated by ICA Canada.


* See

One of the earliest “Kaleidoscope” images

The Kaleidoscope Design Template is a graphic way of capturing the elements essential for shifting and shaping images (perceptions, mental models) to release foundational change within organizations, communities, and individuals. It has been used in the design of projects, curricula, conferences, meetings and facilitated sessions that have the intent of nurturing deep change (Elise, Packard, September 7, 2015).


The Kemper Building Team, Chicago, launched rentals on the 1st–5th floors as a nonprofit resource center with Kay Townley, Mary Laura Jones, Barbara Barkony, Bob Hawley, Paula Philbrook, Mary Warren Moffett, Don Moffett, and Ken Otto.