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Exploring New Paradigms
Summer 1984

The New Paradigm Safari, Chicago


  Council of the Order Ecumenical


Over 800 order members and associates met for six weeks in Chicago to determine the “corporate future, formation, direction and goals for the next 16 years [to the year 2000].” Sixty people came from Kenya and over 100 people came from the Subcontinent. Many of these participants had never traveled far from their own villages. Orientation sessions had been held in Nairobi and Delhi. There were special menus and special language groups to help with translation into Hindi, Spanish, Swahili, and French.


  The global community of the Order Ecumenical comprised 700 people from 108 locations on eight continents, representing 37 nationalities.


• Twelve working groups, called “Waterholes,” each with a particular focus, addressed the question “What is going on today in our lives and on the planet?”


• Thirty-five smaller groups of 20 people each, called “Holons,” spent two hours each morning experimenting with meditation exercises.


• The Global Brain, a film and book by Peter Russell provided imagery for the Council.


• 24 Primary Units were established globally.


• Research, Training, Development and Management teams were established.


• Thirteen students made the 6th Grade Rite of Passage trip to mark their transition from childhood to youth. The trip took them through 17 states, including the southeastern USA.


• Ninth graders who had been living in the US, Kenya, Peru, Egypt, Belgium, Tonga and Australia had a reunion.

[During] the July/August Global Order Council a day camp, “The Arque of the Universe,” [cared] for 46 children in three units: Infant School, Mini-school, and Pre-school (The Global Order Council Report, July/August, 1984).


The Movement


• The Loisaida Employment Project was launched in New York City. More than 120 individuals from forty organizations participated in the effort to create the project. (The Loisaida Employment Project, 1984).


• The Machakos Game was created by Minneapolis colleague Sue Wegner working with a game expert. (See Appendix 9 “The Machakos Game” on page 145—a Google Doc article, December 2015.) “The Machakos Game” by Steve Harrington and Susan Wegner.)


• Training, Inc. opened in Boston, Massachusetts.


Kenya. Over 1,000 villages participating in replication. The “DOOP [Do Our Own Project] Model” enabled villagers to use their own resources and leadership for village development (The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1983–84).