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Ummadevi Balasingam

Dear relatives and friends, Thank you all for the words of support following the death of my wife Ummadevi Balasingam on 4/10/10.  Although the anguish of losing her is not lessened, knowing that others share our sorrow has helped us face it with more composure.

We held a night-long vigil over Uma’s body at our home in Serene Park, Johor Bahru, followed by the funeral rites the next morning (5/10/10). She was cremated at the Hindu Crematorium in Jalan Kebun Teh by around 1 pm. The following day, we collected her ashes and scattered them in the Johore Straits.

Relatives from both sides of our family and friends came from all over Malaysia and Singapore came for the funeral. We were also touched by the presence of others – the staff and students of Sri Uttama school, where Uma taught, members of our local residents association and neighbours in Serene Park.

We are holding nightly prayers for the safe journey of Uma’s soul and shall conclude them after 31 days with the Andhrati rite at our home on Nov 3.

~~    Dharmalingam