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Tom Broesman

This morning upon waking we discovered that my ex-husband Tom (“wasband” as he called it, me the “fife”) made his final transition peacefully in his sleep in the early morning hours.  He has been living here with me, our daughter and two grandchildren for the past five  months. It has been a beautiful time where he helped care for the grandchildren and was in a wonderfully peaceful and happy time of his life.  We are all torn with sorrow right now, but at the same time so grateful that we have experienced these happy past few months with him. In the past few days and months he has talked of moving on with his work, speaking to us of how peaceful and content he felt about that.

          ~~  Trish Broesman




Tom was a plain spoken guy who strived to live as an authentic man. He was a friend and helped me and I believe I helped him.  We shared the adventure of acupuncture together,   had good talks, and he was able to bring light to a mystery that relieved my mind.

          ~~  Ed Feldmanis