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George Holcombe

Selected Talks given at the Ecumenical Institute 1973 -1974

March 11, 1933. –  July 30, 2020

In working on the Paul Evans tapes I chanced to listen to George’s Sanctification talk: Radical Integrity.  Right on target for the times. I found all together 5 tapes that recorded George’s unique speaking style as well as the Cabaret band, George’s report on the Uptown 5 lab and talk on the Ecumenical Parish.  I’ll look to put a page together on the Global Archives Website for all of these.

Here’s the Sanctification Lecture on Radical Integrity.  For me George was truly one of our Saints.

          ~~  Doug Druckenmiller


When I think of George Holcombe I have many memories…but the incident that comes to my mind first is one evening when he called our house to talk with Rodney. He chatted about pipe tobacco for a bit and then asked Rodney if he would think of going to Australia with a bunch of folks. Rodney thought that sounded interesting so he asked when they were thinking of going. “Tomorrow afternoon.” was George’s reply. Rodney gulped and said, “let me think about that a minute.” He turned to me and asked what I thought. I gulped and commented that that sounded great. So Rodney said, “Yes” to George.


They sent someone out to our house to pick up Rodney’s passport so they could fly out to the west coast early morning and try to get Rodney an Australian visa. The next morning Rodney goes to work with his suitcase. He gets his office set up and then goes in to see his boss. He asks if he can take two or three weeks off. His boss wants to know to where…and when. Rodney confesses that he is talking about Australia and this afternoon. The boss gulps and says he guesses that would be alright, “Priscilla will have a great time.” “Oh, Priscilla isn’t going.” The boss gulps again…and says he guesses all will be ok.


That trip to Oombulgurri’s Consult changed Rodney’s life…he discovered that local folk out in the middle of nowhere knew what they needed…they just weren’t sure how to get there.

George is a wonderful man…one of the best.

          ~~  Priscilla Wilson

Holcombe presentations:



One of the absolute treasures of our lives was the marvellous advice that you gave us, George. Jim and I came to you one summer after our corporate time was over. We had decided to travel on a paddle boat down your great Mississippi River, eventually working our  way to Louisiana and New Orleans. We had long admired  your music making ! We asked you where we should go in New  Orleans to hear the best Jazz. 🌠🎼You suggested the Plantation Hall. To this day Jim and I have lived that couple of hours as one of the most moving and memorable times in our lives. When we remember it now George we think of you, always. Full stop, or period, as you say! We sat in a medium sized hall on what  appeared to be old church wooden pews, and listened to the beauty and grace of the musicians.


So George, what a gem you have been to ‘strangers ‘ and how much you so willingly have offered to give people happiness and unforgettable occasions. 🙏🐨 Thank you to you and Wanda for  being part of our journey of the spirit. Thank you for the way in which you expended your lives on behalf of our First Peoples as others have already mentioned.
Our loving wishes to you dear George, as you see the sun rise and the sun set.

          ~~  Isobel and Jim Bishop


Thank you for the opportunity to share a long ago memory. It was in December of 1974 and Rebecca and I were assigned to the ICA in Chicago. Since both of our parents (George Yost and Russell Moon) were ministers we had chosen to select a third party to perform our wedding ceremony and we chose George Holcombe. We had planned our wedding date to be a part of a Global Meeting that was being held in Chicago. I cannot recall what the event was but the majority of the priors from around the globe were assembled for that event and so we piggybacked our wedding celebration as part of that meeting.


We had invited our family to come to Chicago to be a part of the festivities.  Everything was going along as planned until George and Wanda invited us to come to their room a couple of days before the wedding. George, being a bit of a prankster, announced that he would not marry us. I can remember feeling stunned, but then he added that Joseph Matthews wanted to perform the service. I then remember feeling terrified.


Anyway, that was how our adventure as a married couple began. Thanks again George for all of the ceremonies you have conducted over the years, baptisms, weddings, funerals as well as everyday ministering to those in need.

          ~~  David Yost