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Stephen Evans

August 2013

I remember Stephen very well.  He and I were part of the team that went to, I’m sure, every village in Wales looking for an HDP site, towns whose names only Stephen could pronounce correctly.  I loved to hear him talk.  When we found Tairgwaith (there should be some apostrophes in the spelling of the name) one of the first things we learned was that the membership of the local “working men’s club” (pub) was larger than the population of the whole village.  I also learned that almost 99% of the people in Wales are named either Evans, Davies or Williams.  We stayed with two different Williams families during that time, and both treated me like the prodigal son returned home. I will not forget Stephen Evans who symbolized for me and others what it meant to be a true Welshman.

          ~~  Randy Williams


Stephen Evans died a few days ago, much too young. He was the Welshman in the trio with Frank Little and Alan Berresford who joined us around the same time in the UK – in 1973 or there-abouts. He played a key role in starting the HDP project in Tairgwaith. I remember the beauty of his Welsh voice. Grace and Peace,

          ~~  Paul Schrijnen