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Ruth (Marshall) Merrifield

November 3, 1930 – May 4, 2022

Ruth with her four children:

Kathy, Wayne, David and Teresa

Ruth Wilson Merrifield (Ruth Marshall) passed May 4, 2022, around 2am peacefully in her sleep with her children nearby. After almost six months in hospice care, and over the last month especially, her children sent her out with lots of love, songs and prayers.  They sang her into bliss and peace using all the Order Song Books.  She lived a full life of adventure, grace and love. She could not speak well during the last several weeks but the one thing she could say was Love… I love you… love you…



Ruth was one of the first people we met when our family came over from Australia to Summer ‘68. Jim, me, and three small children. I will always remember her kindness and gracious hospitality to a ‘foreigner’. My profound  thanks to the wonderful family who have been at her side and who sang her to glory and peace. With love

          ~~  Isobel Bishop


Dear Wayne, David, Kathy and Teresa, I join with you in celebrating and honour your beautiful Mother.  I can still hear her inspirational stories in the 1972 Spring Academy.  I took them to my heart.  She was a treasure.  Warmly,

~~  Jan Sanders




A song came about a week ago.. about my Mom Ruth. The tune came several weeks ago and I had an idea that it would be about her “Last Words” that she dictated to me a while back. But nothing was coming… then one morning I sat down and looked out the window at the beauty and started singing My Mom Ruth…. and the rest flowed. The song was there.. I just needed to listen for it. The song has two of her favorite songs incorporated it. Enjoy the Love that this song was written in. It’s rough recording.. but real…

         ~~  Kathy Marshall