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Ruth Kloepfer

1914  –  May 23, 2006

Dear colleagues, It is with deep love that we announce the passing of my mother, Ruth Kloepfer on May 23, 2006. Ruth was a long time, active member of the Orange Grove Monthly Meeting spiritual family and the Ecumenical Institute/ICA. She attended all of the Institute’s Summer Research Assemblies, invited the Order into her home when they established a Religious House in New Orleans, and cherished all the work of the Institute, especially the New Religious Mode materials.

Ruth lost her balance and broke her left forearm on May 16. She did well during the surgery and had started rehab at a transitional care facility in Pasadena when she died suddenly during the night. She was 91 at the time of her death but would have been 92 in less than three months. She died the day before her seventieth wedding anniversary.

Ruth loved flowers and it has been requested, if possible, that attendees to the service bring flowers from home gardens. When she was married, seventy years ago, her brothers and sisters say that the church was overflowing with home grown flowers and it would be a loving tribute to her life.

          ~~  Jean Watts

What A dear, dear soul is Ruth Kloepher. She was mother to Jean and John, but as indicated in a few ways in Jean’s note she was also a dear mother of this movement. Her expectant faith, Her bright assuming smile just constantly let you know that what ever the current challenge some victory was just around the corner. She brought the spirit of the Society of Friends to every team of which she was a part and led the cheers for those teams to which she was not directly assigned. I was blown away by a young 17 year old red head man delivering my first Cultural Revolution course (CS 1 67-8?); and blown away again when I found that the sweet little woman sitting next to me was that young revolutionary’s mother. Every meeting from there on was a welcome reunion a warm, expecting, woman of faith, ready to support and give birth to new life where ever needed. Thank you Ruth for your life and gifts.

          ~~  George