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Russell Campbell

July 2013



Russell and Kaye Hayes were assigned to work around the northern part of Australia around Darwin and to some of the Aboriginal Mission stations.  Russell used to wear sandals that he had made out of  used tires. Russell always wore a very simple grey ‘safari suit’ he had made it himself.  He wore his dark, wavy hair shoulder length. When he was assigned to the children’s structures, the children always did interesting and different activities- e.g..,climbing trees.


When Russell was living in the Sydney House, he composed both the Contemplation song-  ‘ Come walk with Francis’ and the Being song.  The music would be blaring out  loudly most of the day while he wrote his poetry.

Grace and peace,

~~  Isobel Bishop





Tune: Theme from “Black Orpheus”

My life is as
Vast as the sea

No boundaries no

Floor beneath me.

Yet as I look within

No man has greater sin.

I am the least of all

I daily fall.

But it’s then when

I Doubt that I can

I choose to be nothing

For man.

To die is my lot

I live as if not

With Paul
I merge with all.

I see then as

Never before

The secrets of

heaven my store.

With wisdom twice my age

My life an open page

Though with each insight

Gain a deeper pain.

Yet I live with the Lord on my side

And wild intuition My guide.

I’m sent as a sign

The bread and the wine

My form
And virgin born.

Then I act seeing

Action is vain

And accomplishments

Never as gain.

To only do is less

Than forming humanness

So mission I must be

To set men free.

Called to burn as an Undying flame

Each word and each Gesture the Name.

I must through life-loss

An exalted cross

My place

Reveal his face

Then the Lord through

My life prays a prayer

And my being is

Filled being there.

I can invent anew what

All the saints once knew

By being who I am

I create man.

And it’s no longer
I who is seen

But the Lord standing

There in between.

Finished as I die

Held there between

Sky and sod

To save our God.

Yes, it’s there on the limbs of the worm eaten tree

where the All and the Nothing can BE.