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Rick Jones

November 5, 1946 – November 9, 2022

Richard “Rick” William Jones was born n Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to Bill W. and Adelle (Morgenson) Jones.  Rick attended Bartlesville’s College High School, graduating in 1965.  He then attended Oklahoma State University, graduating with honors with a double major in Business and Marketing from the College of Business in 1969.  He married Linda Walker in January, 1969.


After joining his father Bill in the real estate business at W.W. Jones Company in Bartlesville for several years, Rick and his wife joined the Ecumenical Institute in 1972.  Initially commissioned by the World Council of Churches and based in Chicago, the Ecumenical Institute later launched a sister organization, the Institute of Cultural Affairs, an international movement for community development, particularly in third world areas.  They spent 18 years as missionaries of sorts, doing international community development, fund-raising, and media productions for the Institute, all over the world.  Their community development efforts included facilitating local underserved and marginalized areas to solve their own economic, famine, health, potable drinking water, and other difficulties with help from Institute personnel.  From Tulsa to Houston to Portland, Maine to Majuro in the Marshall Islands, to Chicago, and finally to Caracas, Venezuela, they worked for the betterment of the people in their project areas.  Rick also did numerous international media presentations for the institute.  For international fund-raising and awareness conferences, he had the opportunity to work with Oprah Winfrey, Ben Kingsley, and Sir Richard Attenborough, among others.


After retiring from the ICA in 1990, they relocated to Boulder, Colorado, and Rick again made his career in Real Estate.  After spending a few years back in Bartlesville to look after his mom, Adelle, he returned to the Denver area right around the millennium.  There he met his current wife, Cherice Kjosness and the couple made their home in Thornton, Colorado.  After retiring, Rick and Cherice moved to Chapin, S.C. to be closer to Cherice’s family.

Rick was pre-deceased by his parents, Bill and Adelle Jones, one brother, Don F. Jones, and one niece, Beverly Jones.  He is survived by his wife, Cherice Kjosness, of Chapin, S.C., two daughters, Rachel and Teresa, both of the Denver area, his sister, Jan Adelle (Jones) Evans, of Missouri, and 5 grandchildren.  Small informal gatherings of family and friends were held in Bartlesville, Oklahoma;  Chapin, S.C.;  and Denver, Colorado. 



Hello, Colleagues, I’m totally unsure why I’ve waited over six months to share this information. Yet, here it is. My husband of 28 years (that ended in March of 1998) breathed his last a few days after his 76th birthday early last November 2022. I’ve attached the obituary from his sister. He was celebrated in North Carolina where he lived with his second wife, again in Oklahoma where we grew up, and finally here in Denver with family from all locations at his favorite Thai restaurant (a favorite cuisine ever since the Siam In Chicago was a little diner on the corner).


He was ready, having had health issues for some time, and had been happy. Somewhat confusingly, I do miss him and his oft-repeated jokes and push to “get ‘er done” vs. get it perfect – a match with me that produced a lot of ICA audio visuals. May he continue to rest in peace at the pearly gates, lined up with those blue shirts who preceded him, In loving memory,

          ~~  Sunny Walker


Sunny, I often wondered about Rick after your marriage ended. I was often on the front end of the “get ‘er done”part of the deals, as he tried to explain to the finance office why this expensive piece of AV equipment that he was just about to order (or perhaps had already ordered) was essential to the mission and would pay for itself.

There seemed to be no end to his passion or vision. It often didn’t seem to matter how much was spent because we saved more than that on the deal he found. Although we knew we were about to get fleeced when he showed up in the finance office, he worked hard and always made us feel good about saying yes!  It fills my being with joy and mirth to remember him! Peace,

          ~~  Michael Shaw, Seattle


Sunny, I am sorry to learn this. I imagine this is hard for you, thus the delay in getting the information out. Be at peace. Take good care.

          ~~  Pat Druckenmiller


Dear Sunny, Thank you for posting the news about Rick’s death and the obituary.  I am taken back to NYC and our efforts on The Courage to Care movie.  For the sake of the budget, we used some processing studios in the overnight hours, and the travel back to the ICA in the wee hours was sometimes pretty hair-raising.  Richard Attenborough told us that his friends call him Dickie, so we had a running joke about the team of Rick, Dickie, and Dick (Young).  It was a fun assignment for me to work with the two of you. My love and condolences to you and your family. Peace,

          ~~  Nancy Trask


Thank you Sunny for sharing about the death of Rick. I especially remember our time when on assignment with you and Rick in Majuro and the many times we ended up laughing at our “makeshift” arrangements and yet how we marveled at the resilience of the Majuro People💓 In Peace and Hope and Gratitude for the Life of Rick.

          ~~  Wanda Holcombe


Thank you sunny for sharing this with us. Rick was one of the early people who understood that small cars are beautiful. He thought it was the wave of the future. Thank you for sharing the news even though a half a year late. I appreciate knowing.

          ~~  Ed Feldmanis


Hello Sunny, Thank you for sharing. Peace be with him. The final form of love…

          ~~  Jailu Navarette  (at Chicago Nexus 1980s)


Sunny, I must have met Rick in Houston, but I don’t remember him clearly. I know what you mean about “confusingly” you miss him. That is so often the case when we have been with someone so long (28 years, wow!). I’m sorry for your loss. A life you lived together.

          ~~  Susan Fertig-Dykes


Dear Sunny, Thank you for letting us know of the death of Rick.  Teresa and Rachel were part of Phase I activities at Kemper when I was assigned there.  They participated in the July 1983 camp in Wisconsin when Basil and I were there.  Rick brought his welcoming smile to events and activities of his daughters both at Kemper and at camp visiting day for parents.  Please also extend to Teresa and Rachel my condolences.

          ~~  Marie Sharp


Sunny, Teresa and Rachel, I do rember Rick’s laid back yet assuring style. Not sure what triggered a memory of his vast and enviable record collection and your (Sunny) for your common passion for the new technologies. I celebrate with you  his completed life as whole and perfect life in this incarnation. May his pioneering spirit continue. Walk in peace,

          ~~  Judi White