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Richard (Dick) Kroeger

1942 – November 8, 2008



Kroeger, Amelia, Get the Point: Life and Times of Dick Kroeger (2011)

Dick Kroeger died while hunting with a hunting buddy, James Young, in Windom, MN. James administered CPR as the medical units were called by his young son, Cody. Everything was tried in the field and ambulance. The doctor at the hospital in Windom pronounced him dead after nearly a half hour of continuing the effort to revive him.  He died of a massive heart attack.  He was robust and fit with no symptoms I am aware of.  James Young’s girl friend drove me to Windom (2 1/2 hours). I stayed with Dick’s body for some time and then drove home with the girls (two of our bird dogs) arriving home about 1:30 a.m. this morning. Dick frequently told me that he would prefer to die in the field hunting with his dogs. He was blessed. Peace and Love,

          ~~  Amelia Kroeger



This afternoon I finished reading Get The Point, The Life and Times of Dick Kroeger, by Amelia Kroeger.  Many will remember that Dick and Amelia are OE/EI/ICA colleagues who served in the Rochester House, were priors of the Seattle House, and organized the consultation for and served in Inyan Wakagapi (Cannonball).  Dick also was the one who sent out the weekly Spong emails and Center for Progressive Spirituality newsletters.  Prior to his death in 2008, Dick had planned to write his memoir for his family, but was not able to do that.  Fortunately for their family and those who read it, Amelia sustained that vision as she penned Get the Point.  It is beautifully, simply, honestly, humbly, and imaginally written –a great tribute to Dick and the many dimensions of his passions, adventures, creativity, and compassion as well as to their forty-six years of partnership, friendship, and marriage.

Two chapters, “A Turn to the World” and “Hallowed Ground” focus on their journey with OE/EI/ICA. The back cover states: Get the Point recalls the life and times of Dick Kroeger, as he journeyed into and through his vision as a newspaper man, an insurance broker, a VISTA volunteer, a wilderness traveler and guide, a bird dog trainer and hunter, and a school bus driver.

At a Kroeger family reunion in 1982 Dick’s sister, Mary, pronounced the family “visionaries, not missionaries”.  In 2005, shortly after Mary’s death, Dick, remembering back to the essay Mary read, wrote a reflection he named “The Vision Thing”.  Here are some excerpts:

Clearly understand your vision.  Then take the necessary action.  Then trust the vision will be realized, although not on your schedule, and perhaps not in ways you expected.  But you must:

     – Create the vision

     – Do the actions

     – Expect to realize the vision

     – Be patient

During Dick’s life he revised his vision many times, always giving consideration to how his vision might impact the lives of those whom he cared for and had responsibility for.

          ~~  Ellie Stock








Richard G. Kroeger, nearing completion of his 66th year, Orono, MN, died unexpectedly November 8 of a heart attack while pheasant hunting in Windom, Minnesota. Survived by wife, Amelia; brothers, John & Bob; sons, Bill, Clint & Erick; grandchildren, Bill, Linda Knutson, Holly, Adam, Ericka, Kayla; great grandchildren Johnny & Joey Knutson; and a host of affectionate extended family. Virtually everyone who knew Dick Kroeger respected his integrity; intelligence; optimism; physical and spiritual presence; keen wit; and deep commitment to help make this world a better place.





I am void of words, but welling with love and gratitude for knowing Dick. I shall never forget when he and I attended a ‘clergy’ meditation session where we sat cross legged for a LONG time to show we (EI/ICA) were/was a part of knowing spiritual practice. [Did we ever!]  :   ) I’m so glad he got to know that Oback Obama won the election. He was a fine man; died while hunting; I do hope it was quick without a lot of suffering. My prayers and love go out to you and the boys, Amelia. If there’s anything I can do from afar, let me know. Deep prayers,

          ~~  Sharon



I was proud to work with you and I was better for having done it.

          ~~  Joan Knutson