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Richard Epson

Richard Epson died in the early 1990’s somewhere in South Carolina, I think.  In the late 80s he and his partner were attending an Unconditional Love and Forgiveness Workshop held here, in the old Atlanta Religious House.Richard leaves a very warm memory in the hearts of his friends.  I believe that he practiced a style of cheerful harmlessness, a mode of living which very much survives his difficult journey to his grave.  My recollection of him as I last knew him, knowing that he knew how ill he was, is that he was deeply proud of and encouraged by the ecumenical and inter-racial experience afforded him by our family order.

          ~~  Charles Lingo

Richard Epson was 5.7 and about 150 #. He had a great spirit about him. Feisty little guy, and really likeable. Inner Peace,

          ~~   Bill Salmon

Richard Epson came with Alice and myself in summer ’69 from Houston.  While we were assigned to the Urban Academy, Richard was assigned to the print shop.  He may have had experiences in Fifth City before but at least this time he decided to stay.
~~  Jim Baumbach