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Mark and Ruth Reames

Ruth;  July 19, 2013; Mark passed away earlier

Ruth, Mark and their two boys lived with us and the Innui’s in the first house in Japan (in Kobe). We appreciated the magnificent way they adjusted to a corporate way of life. Their experiences having lived in Japan for some time before we got there were especially helpful to us in making our own adjustments and, hopefully, better responses in a society of quite different decision-making and processes.

~~  Del & Justin Morril



Mark and Ruth were colleagues and in the Osaka House for several years, along with Seth and Matt.  Her warmth and caring enriched our time there, and she kept in touch for many years afterward.

          ~~  Bill Schlesinger


ICA Denver Colleagues know Ruth Reames to have lived an authentic life, and to have been a cherished friend and valued colleague. She was a spiritual leader of leaders. Ruth and Mark were United Methodist missionaries to Japan for 25 years.

          ~~ Jim Slotta

We stand together as the world stops for a moment on Ruth’s amazing
We hear the roaring sound of peaceful silence as time marches on…
We grieve and celebrate a life well lived…
We appreciate the love and care of family and friends…
We dare to grasp the torch of care that Ruth has passed on to us…
In Peace we are grateful for another day…

Blessings all around,

          ~~  Sherwood and Eunice Shankland


And another quite bright star shines in the Heavens. Ruth is laughing at my two-story universe remark and I’m pausing as she settles back comfortably in her chair on my meditative council. Grace and peace be to all who were blessed by her presence,
~~  Sunny Walker

I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone personally who lived her convictions more than Ruth.  For example, when Ruth came to believe that using resources like paper products was unsustainable, she would pack up 20 ceramic cups and bowls and carry them to an event where a meal was being served.  She rode her bike all around town to meetings and events, stating that although she needed a knee replacement, which she eventually got, the exercise would benefit her rehab. She showed generous hospitality to people of many different cultures and backgrounds.  In recent years as her memory failed for details, she nevertheless retained a gracious appreciation for the familiar faces of friends.  Our lives are deeply enriched by having known her. Grace and Peace,

         ~~  Catherine Welch




Ruth was a wise and generous exemplar to many of us. May she rest in peace.

          ~~  Mary Laura and Ken




I am staying here with Gerald Gomani family while helping ICA Zimbabwe;s HIV/AIDS program. Ruth was in Zimbabwe to help with an HIV/AIDS consult. She and Eric Smith brought their bikes to keep exercising. I told Gerald’ family over dinner and they all remembered Ruth. As soon as dinner was over they had a service for her. They started with singing in Chewa ” This world is not my home, I am a stranger here….” read the Bible- one of the Psalms and then ended with a long prayer for her glorious life..was very moving and felt very right.

~~  Dick Alton