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Margaret Ennis

March 12, 2005

We were delighted to see Margaret this past summer when she drove to Albany, GA to be with us in a retreat that John was leading in colleague Joe and Sandra Clift’s church. In 1969  Carl Ennis and Bill Newkirk were the metro colleagues who visited us when we first moved to Richmond, VA.   They talked to us about recruiting a PLC which so excited us that we also recruited an RS-I within the next month.  A few weeks later we put our house on the market and headed to Chicago.   Some years later, we were assigned to the
WDC metro where the Newkirks shared the leadership with us and the Ennis
family were active metro colleagues.  Our common connections with the UMC
Virginia Conference kept us connected through the years.  We celebrate
Margaret’s now completed life and our shared journeys as we send our care to
the Ennis family.
~~  Lynda and John Cock