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Kim Epley

February 2, 2011

We just had the nicest service at Cure D’Ars Catholic Church in Denver here this morning late, and a reception this pm at another location nearby. There were a great mix of ICA folks there, family, Native American’s who had worked with Kim, and extended family. Many did not know one another. And several of us have thought, and commented “Well here goes Kim again, getting all us folks together who don’t know each other”. Here she is making history again. The Shanklands, Dunns, Ruth Reams, Welch’s, Charlene Forbes and daughters Keahi and Puinani, Shirley (Heckman) and Clarence Snelling were colleagues who were there.

There’s a Fund being set up to continue the work of the consensus-based community development. David Lester of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes, whom Kim has worked with, and who is a deep friend of the Alire Family, announced it at the reception and is helping connect tribes to this opportunity to keep that work going. Take Care,

          ~~. Walt Epley