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Kay Ent Lush

September 6, 1936 – January 6, 1995


Given the chance to do life in the deeps,

To serve humankind is the gift that I be.

To care for the Earth is the burden I bear,

Invent with my life, ‘tis the cost of my care.




Strange awe-full power is dancing through me,

Buoyantly forging impossible be.

With all my heart I’m poured out endlessly;

I’m burdened eternally.



Wholly engulfed in unbounded rapport,

Doomed for the world, my life wholly outpoured
Always encumbered, tomorrow is here,

Molding the future the cost of my care.


Burning with wisdom, empowered to do:

The weight of the world for all men everywhere
Guardian of all, to all history an heir:

Absurdly in charge, ’tis the cost of my care.


Repeat first verse without the chorus.




Tune: “Anniversary Waltz”;

words by Kay Lush