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Judith Tippett

July 10, 1938 – August 31, 2018


Dear Colleagues: It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Judith passed away yesterday, August 31st, two days after our 59th wedding anniversary.  She had been in declining health for the past year.  We started dating in January, 1957.  Attending RSI at the urging of the Karpoff and Poole families in Cleveland in January 1968 was a major turning point in our life together.  On the way home on Sunday afternoon, Judith said, “think I would like to teach that course!”   Knowing my life partner so well, I knew we were in for some new exciting adventures.  And the rest has been history!  I wish I could write each of you a personal letter of appreciation for the impact so many of you has had on our life together.   We were fortunate that our family was together here  in Florida for a reunion in early August.  Grace, Peace, and Love,

         ~~  Mike Tippett


Together, what a life, what a journey! Your little story of Judy’s response to RS-1 so perfectly embodies her being. I always admired her confidence, self-assurance and matter of fact way of just taking on the next challenge. Wonderful that you all were able to be together a month ago. My prayers are with you and your daughters and their families. Another saint goes marching in. . .Much love,

          ~~  Seth T. Longacre


Fifty nine years of journeys together as a family is remarkable.  We hold you all in our care as you begin a new chapter with Judith’s presence with you in new ways. Michael, you, as the keeper of the memorials of our corporate body, now add your very own spouse to the list of the of those who died on the march.  A sacred list! With care and sympathy,

          ~~   Lynda and John Cock


The Australian colleagues remember with gratitude, humour and deep respect how Judy played her part here. We are sad and yet so grateful for what you Judy, gave this country. Thanks be to God.

          ~~  Isobel Bishop, for us all here.


Michael, The work of the spirit in Cleveland would have been severely impoverished without Judy and you. What you each gave of your lives and spirits was a wondrous gift.  We celebrate the finished life of Judy. Blessings

         ~~   Zoe Barley


Michael, we are grateful for having had your family as a part of the Order, and especially remember Judy at this time. Grace and Peace,

          ~~  Doris and Charles Hahn



We celebrate Judith’s wondrously completely life, giving thanks for all her care and all who cared for her.  Love,

          ~~  Ellen and Dick Howie


I have the greatest admiration for the style and care the two of you have shown in your lives.  Your care for Meg is an example of a wider love shown. Light and prayers to you and all loved ones. Grace and Peace,

          ~~  Mary Hampton