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Joy Richert Huber

Joy Huber, formerly Joy Richert, was truly a joy to be with, she mentored my wife, Linda VerNooy in her youth, she was a lifelong friend. She was committed to the environment, founded Planet CPR and River CPR and was the Executive Director of the Rivers Council of Washington, and a fundraiser for YMCA. She designed the original 5th City brochure with Bruce Donnelly, and worked in 5th city. Baine Davis performed her wedding with David Huber. She has 4 daughters Kirsten, Rosemary, Ruth, and Diana and her husband David Huber who survive her.  Let us hold her in our hearts as we remember who contribution to the world.

          ~~  A. M. Noel



I worked with Joy on PR projects in Oklahoma City.  She was a whirlwind of positive energy and creative ideas. I appreciate your phrase, A.M. — “Let us hold her in our hearts as we remember her contribution to the world.”

          ~~  Nancy Trask


We thank God as Mystery for her grace filled life.

          ~~  Isobel Bishop