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Jessie and Molly Clements


November 3, 1934  –  March 1, 2020



Rev. Mollie Susan Gee Clements met Jesse, her husband, at the Faith and Life Community at the University of Texas. They were married in Sweden and for their honeymoon worked building a community center in Mindanao, the Philippines. Mollie later attended seminary. Mollie and Jesse worked together in Hong Kong, teaching and in social service to refugees from China, and later in community and economic development in the slums of Bombay. Mollie served as a minister for two decades in Indianapolis, and Mollie and Jesse retired to Kalamazoo, remaining active in work for social justice, in her church community, and helping to establish Justice For Our Neighbors-Kalamazoo, which provides legal aid to immigrants. Mollie was predeceased by her husband, Jesse, son, David, and parents John and Gertrude Gee. She is survived by a love family from all over the world too numerous to count, by brothers John, George and Dick and their families, daughters Crispin (Reg), and Claire, sons Peter (Maria), and Paul (Aedin) and grandchildren Marilyn, Michelle, Amelia, Porter, Anna, Bridin, Kriya, Amani, Muhammad, Isa, Mumtaz and Tiara, and all their loved ones, and great granddaughter Amalia.





Oh, I’m sad today. I’ve learned that Molly Clements is no longer in the world I’m in.  An angel here on earth was Molly.  I am so very grateful she was in my life. We met in the In-kind Office in Management Centrum in the ICA office in Chicago probably about 1978.  She had just come back from India and was probably carrying the effects of illness which she never talked about.  I had been in in-kind for several years and was glad to have a new team member to help.  The joy of it was she became a dear friend, a colleague is the truest sense of the word.  I got to know her beautiful children and her amazing husband.  Each and every one of them was truly a gift.  Molly was quiet but as solid as a rock.  She was thoughtful yet forward thinking.  Always caring about the other.

We stood on the shoulders of Molly and Jesse when we were assigned to Nam Wai, Hong Kong.  Their significant work in Hong Kong  was legendary by the time we arrived in Nam Wai in 1980.  Dear Father Harold Naylor of Wah Yan College became our friend due to Molly and Jesse.  He was a dear friend and pastor to the staff in Nam Wai.  When it was time for our son, Chris, to join the Student House in 1983, we asked Molly and Jesse to be his local parents.  They graciously said yes.  Of course, Jesse took him fishing.

I am thankful for Molly’s great gifts of spirit and love.  She was a model of what our Order was all about.  Peace be with you.

          ~~. Louise and Jack Ballard

Molly was a very special person, I worked with both Molly and Jesse. They were a spirit couple who will always be remembered by our family. The Communion of Saints grows ever onwards. Thanks be for their lives and witness and service. With greetings  from the south land.

~~  Isobel Bishop

Molly was a steady strong presence when she and Jesse were assigned to New Orleans. I travelled with Jesse in southern Mississippi doing town meetings in 1979 for a time. I remember her gaze and always tried to live up to her expectations for caring for others.

~~. Diann McCabe, San Marcos, TX

Molly and Jessie were a great symbol of care for the mission & for us when we first met and worked with them in Hong Kong. May the remnants of their caring be forever part of the Universe On Behalf of ALL  Grace & Peace

          ~~   Wanda Holcombe

Molly and Jessie touched my life when I was first assigned to the Bombay House in India in 1977. I soon became aware of their spirit and how it just flowed out of them. I called them the King and Queen of Sankli Street! Of course it was always hot, and the night belonged to the bedbugs!. They were thin, but so was just about everybody else. Mother Theresa’s Ashram was just down the street, and the Methodist guest house was at the end of the street. As I got to know them and see their passion, it was the joy they exuded that always caught me off guard. They were just “home”. They could spend the rest of their lives there. You knew that wherever they landed, a pair of lovers of service walked off the plane. Thank you both for showing that life there, life anywhere, was just joy, bottomless joy.  Journey On, Journey On, my dear Colleagues.

~~  Jack Gilles