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Janice May

We celebrate the full and completed life of Janice May. She brought joy, laughter, determination and grit to many of us. In the tradition of Swamp Gravy at Colquitt, Georgia, we light a candle and say,  “We remember you Janice May!” May the peace that passeth understanding be with your family. Lovingly,

          ~~  Jan Sanders

Dear Janice was a serious student (she studied Russian at U of I Chicago Urban Campus circa 1972 with a gaggle of us and put sticky notes in the language on all the items in her apartment). She was often the source of thoughtful and engaging contributions in meetings and one-on-one. Her curiosity and quirky sense of humor enabled her to be a woman of spirit deeps you were fortunate to know.

Somehow I think of Janice in the company of the feminine archetypes in the book, “Women Who Run with the Wolves” and also the Vikings who traversed their final journey in ships that symbolized their completed life and also contained the significance of their valor in what must have been everyday yet heroic encounters.

Journey on, Janice, your ship is aglow with your presence in our hearts and memories.

          ~~  Dawn Collins