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Handbook Annex

Additional reference materials for the ICA handbook



The preceding pages constitute an orientation HANDBOOK for potential use with new staff members, board members, volunteers, and other interested parties associated with the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) in its many manifestations around the world. It has been licensed with Creative Commons as Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0). This means everyone is free to use this document as they wish, including the making of revisions, as long as attribution is given to the original work and modifications are shared. For more information about this license, see


References were made in each of the sixteen preceding sections to various materials where interested readers may learn more about the subjects described. These consist of books, articles, unpublished papers, videos, etc. Many have been collected from online sources and made available for easy viewing, and downloading, in the “Handbook-Annex” folder found on the following website:


The materials included in the “Handbook Annex” are not an integral part of this HANDBOOK, but are a complement to it. All materials appearing in the “Handbook Annex” are subject to the copyright conditions, if any, made with the original works.


The “Handbook Annex” is envisioned as a collection for deeper reflection. While many articles referenced directly in the HANDBOOK are included, books are not. Interested readers will find them either at libraries or through online merchants. The annex also includes other materials with the possibility of more being added later as relevant new works are discovered. Annex files are organized according to the 4×4 with an overview page for each of the four matrix columns. A file named “0a-annex-list” shows all materials in one place and serves as a table of contents for the annex. They are labeled in conjunction with the identification numbers associated with the sections of the HANDBOOK, e.g., 1a, 3c, 4b, 2d, etc.


Finally, some comments about using the HANDBOOK. Its purpose is to introduce ICA and to stimulate thought about its distinctive nature. To do this, it is designed in the manner of a spiral curriculum. At its most basic level, personal reflections and group conversations can be simply generated by a limited focus on the 4×4 chart — what catches your attention? what strikes you as odd? where would you like an explanation or an example? what are similar features you’ve seen in other non-profits? what’s different? what does it convey about ICA’s essential characteristics? if you were to read more that follows in the HANDBOOK, where would you begin? At a second level, questions like these might be used for reflections on each of the 16 sections. The same is then true for any of the items included in the annex. Whatever the approach and however it is used, the HANDBOOK will be a success when it sparks deeper consideration about ICA’s work and its future. Best wishes to all who engage themselves in the conversation.