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Heidi Holmes


December 4, 2019


We first visited Heidi, at her parents’ home, in Lodhi, Wisconsin, in 1969 after the Academy, and right after she had returned from working as a nurse in Vietnam. The conversations there had a special impact on us. Heidi holds a special place in our hearts. Duncan, Heidi, Dharma and we opened the Hyderabad House together in 1973. We celebrated the birth of Rachel in 1975 in Hyderabad, the same year we adopted Kiran. We caught up again many years later – after Denver in 2000 in Toronto and remember visiting Niagara together!!! We have so many fond memories of working together over the years. We celebrate the amazing completed life of Heidi, and her being part of the beloved community’! Grace and Peace,

          ~~. John and Robyn Hutchinson


I always appreciated Heidi’s calm, caring, unhurried style of being, one that bespoke being at ease with who she was called to be. She embodied “gentle kindness”. I am so delighted that she spent many of her final years creating beautiful art. With love to you, Duncan, Rachel and all others for whom Heidi was part of our “beloved community.”
~~. Marilyn (and Joe) Crocker


Heidi and Duncan (along with Mary and Maurice) were married in the same ceremony as Stuart and I. My strongest memories of Heidi are of hearing of her Vietnam nursing and watching her model being a nurse, health professional permeator.  She used her lunch hours and breaks for professional education and would not entertain options of doing other “mission work”. I raise my glass to her passing.

          ~~   Mary Hampton


My memories of Heidi are from a few years in Mumbai, starting 1980.  She was a wonderful mother, a compassionate nurse and a good friend.  May she rest in peace.

~~. Nancy Trask


We celebrate wonderful memories from our time spent with Heidi, especially in Bombay and Pune.  Grace and Peace,

~~   Dick and Gail West


My heart reaches out to you all.  You have been with her so lovingly as she made this transition.  Heidi was a special women who could laugh, cry or roll-up her sleeves with you.  We are all richer for having her in our lives.  Blessings,

~~    Jan Sanders


To those who wait on the Lord……I join with all the other colleagues in honoring the completed Journey of Heidi. She was a presence and a fine Spirit Woman. She made the same decision so many of us made, and it reminds me of the gifts she gave to us all. I offer my gratitude for her life of service. Yes is the first answer…and the last Word…… and the community says Amen. Blessings and Peace,

          ~~   Jack Gilles


Now flood in the three strange angels: memory, sadness, and celebration. —  echos of humility, gratutude and compassion.  Blessing and honor

          ~~   David Dunn