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George and Virginia Black

George was born in 1921 and died November 15, 2007

Virginia was born in 1925 and died November 15, 2007

George and Virginia Black chose to depart this world together November 15th. George with a stroke and Virginia with heart and respiratory issues. Preceded in death by son Christopher. Survivors include Sarah Paige (active in the Order early 70’s), son -Kent and two more daughters. My daughter, Deb Black with 2 children, Brandon and Erin are some of the extended family. George was 86 and Virginia 82.

          ~~  Ann Jaecks


I worked with George and Virginia in Kenya. They held down the Kabiro outpost in Kwangware during the early 80s watching over the Kabiro Harambee ( Self-help) School and the Kabiro Health Clinic. I mean they actually lived in the school. To watch over the school and clinic was a major task, especially the administration. Virginia and George never complained or made a big thing of running two of the best programs we had in Kwangware at a time when we were moving on to the New Village Movement. The Blacks hosted most of our major donors to show what communities can accomplish if allowed to take leadership.

I was just in Kawangware and the Kabiro School is still in existence with over 400 students and new buildings. A much improved staff to student ratios is found. Now it is about 1 to 30, but in the Black’s period we were running about 60 students per teacher. When George and Virginia facilitated the school, we had 1,200 students ( including Katherine Alton).

As you talk of guardians and saints who pioneered in human development on behalf of all, be sure to put the Blacks down.

~~  Dick Alton