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George and Ruthe Yost

George’s death:  February 2006


We were saddened to hear today that George Yost has died, and so soon after Ruthe.  Both George and Ruthe were an inspration to us as they worked in Vienna, finding new connections, working together with colleagues across the continent in various meetings and campaigns.  They created a very gracious and inspiring space for meeting and working in Vienna combining a great practical ability with humour and spirit depth.  We are very grateful that they were a part of our lives, as well as in the lives of many other people. They always impressed us as a very close and deeply communicating couple, and the timing of their deaths certainly reflects to us the strength of their bond with one another.

We always enjoyed connecting with them at various ICA gatherings since then and will miss them greatly in the future.  Warm regards
~~  Richard and Maria Maguire