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Garnet Banks

June 2018

Our dearest Liz, We are heartbroken at the passing away of dear Garnet, a much loved friend  and colleague of ours. His enigmatic smile and enchanting  eyes are etched in our minds and will remain as a beautiful memory and also our brief visit with him while in Melbourne. The love and care he showered on Air and Arnab became  their anchor in a new country. You dear Liz are in our thoughts  and prayers as you are go through this great loss of a wonderful husband and a loving partner of many years. His loss is  irreplaceable  but his memories are for ever. With much love and best wishes for your gòod health.

          ~~  Vinod and Kamala  Parekh


When our family was assigned to Australia, Garnet came to the Sydney House often on his circuit. I particularly recall one visit during the “take care of yourself campaign tines where he raised the question, “What sustains you?” The question has returned to me many times, always he doing the asking, when I need to take care of my self most. Garnet Banks was a pure Spirit in this Global Spirit Movement.

          ~~  Judi White


I am not sure why Garnet Banks was in Denver in 1969 or 1970, but he came and spoke to a group assembled at Evanston United Methodist Church and it changed the course if my life forever. I was only 16 years old or so and I have no idea what he said, but his message sent me on a new path and I am forever grateful.

         ~~  David Yost


For me, Garnet had a beautiful singing voice and such a sense of humour!  A man of depth and integrity has joined the crimson line of those who ‘rise up as wings of eagles. They shall run and not be weary, walk and not faint.’ Go in peace,

          ~~  Isobel and Jim Bishop.


John and I are grateful for our time with Garnet and Liz and Becky and Ingrid in the Canberra House back when Jeremiah was a baby, so that’s been 40 years ago. We were specially surprised when we moved to Greensboro to find that Becky was working as a hand therapist not far from our house, which resulted in several fine family visits.  That was probably 10 -12 years ago. We send our sympathy and care to Liz and Becky and Ingrid.

          ~~  John and Lynda Cock