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Dick Whanger

January 9, 2015

Dick was general manager of Hughes Tool for many years and a passionate colleague and guardian of the ICA. In his later years he was a strong supporter of Wes Seeliger’s Foundation for Contemporary Theology here in Houston. He was also an avid nature photographer who gave countless presentations of his pictures to schools and other groups with a vivid message concerning the fragility of the environment and the imprtance of caring for it.


Susan and I had Dick and Jann Barr at our place for Thanksgiving. At that time Dick was still ambulatory, albeit with some difficulty, but was his usual sharp conversationalist. A week or two ago he suffered a setback and became wheelchair bound and had to move out of his independent living apartment. Suffice it to say Dick was not a happy camper! Knowing him, I don’t think he would have any protest about his life ending now under the circumstances. When I saw him last he said he was grateful he had reached an advanced age with no serious health problems until recently. His biggest regret was than his wife Anne did not share more of his later years with him.


Dick expressed enormous gratitude for his experience of RS-1 and the social vision of the ICA.

          ~~  Tim Wegner

Dick was a champion of LENS and the work we did with Hughes Tool. He worked closely with Rick Loudermilk to see through the implementation of the strategies and tactics they produced. It really was our “demonstration” of how effective LENS can be and led directly to many other corporations in which we worked closely in making success happen. But Dick was “our kind of person” who is always needed if real change is going to happen. I so respected him as a sign of what it meant to be a trans-establishment person within the structures of the economic world. I will really miss him. Another star in the firmament who have died on the March.

          ~~  Jack Gilles