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Devanesan Devasundram

November 2011



Devanesan Devasundram, former member of the OE/ICA, died early this morning in a car crash near Seremban while returning from an Eckankar gathering in Singapore. Two of his two sons who were in the car survived. Another friend died as well.


Nesan worked in the Sungei Lui Human Development Project in Malaysia and also in Maliwada and Nadlapur villages in India. Later he worked as a writer for an advertising firm in Malaysia and then as a sub editor for The Star newspaper. He has four children, 13-year-old twins, and another son and daughter in their early twenties. Nesan was interested in things like organic farming, alternative medicines and health diets; and spirituality – he was part of a group of Osho (the former Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) followers and more recently involved with the Eckankar group. He was a very simple and affable person interested in a wide range of things. We will miss his presence.

~~ Dharmalingam Vinasithamby