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Anne and David Wood

Anne Heiskell Nichols Wood

June 27, 1923 – October 3, 2022


Anne Heiskell Nichols Wood died peacefully in her home at East Ridge Village in Miami, Florida where she had lived for the past 14 years. Anne was a remarkable woman, mother, artist and friend.


Anne was born in Nashville, Tennessee on June 27, 1923 to Lewis and Lila and later joined by brother Lewis. They were a large and loving family and Anne enjoyed a happy and wonderful childhood spending summers at the family home in White Bluff, Tennessee, with cousins in Griffin, Georgia and a special summer at 16 years old in Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Ward Belmont College before going to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan. Her university education was interrupted by World War II when Anne enlisted in the Navy. She served in Washington DC as part of the Hydrographic Division.


After the war, Anne returned to Ann Arbor to complete her degree. It was then she met David Pangmon Wood, who she would marry and spend 55 years with, raising five children together in Wilmette, Illinois. The many homes the Wood family lived in through the years were all decorated with Anne’s bold and unique style, with beautiful paintings and a special focus on a sun motif.


When first married, Anne taught kindergarten and then focused on her growing family and homelife. She volunteered with the Institute of Cultural Affairs where she was fortunate to travel the world teaching. She was never afraid to do the right thing, marching from Montgomery to Selma during the Civil Rights Movement and joining many political campaigns and causes. When the family relocated to Miami, Anne became a realtor with Esslinger, Wooten and Maxwell and enjoyed organizing community events like the annual Riviera Art Show.


Anne is preceded in death by her husband David and daughter Susan Wood Ponce. Surviving Anne are her children Priscilla of Champaign, Illinois, Emily (Eugene) of Long Pond, Pennsylvania, David (Yoko) of Tokyo, Japan, Jennifer (George) of New York, New York, son-in-law Lucius Ponce of Westfield, New Jersey and grandchildren: Brendan, Connor and Andrew Daly, James, Katherine and Elizabeth Ponce, Joseph Seiya, Nicole Misaki, Lauren Natsuko, Matthew Taketo and Luke Taisho Wood, great granddaughter Maya Ponce and many nieces and nephews in Nashville, Minnesota, Texas, Washington and elsewhere along with many, many close family friends.


She was the sunshine of our lives.

David Pangmon Wood, Jr.

June 22, 1922 – January 26, 2003


David Pangmon Wood, Jr., died in Miami, Florida.  As one of four children, David was born in Detroit, Michigan, and received his primary and secondary education in La Grange, Illinois. He entered the University of Michigan in 1940, and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942 and completed his service in 1946 in the Pacific Theater as First Lieutenant.  Returning to Ann Arbor, Michigan, he received his A.B. in 1948 and LLB in 1951.


He became a partner in the McDermott, Will and Energy Law Firm, and was sent in 1977 to open an office in Florida.  He was a member of Plymouth Congregational Church and sang in its choir.  He was also a member of the Riviera Country Club.


For a number of years David served on the Boards of the Ecumenical Institute and the Institute of Cultural Affairs and traveled to many countries on their behalf.


He is survived by his wife, Ann, and five children, Susan Ponce, Priscilla, Emily Daly, David III and Jennifer.


by Anne Wood

  • Save your money… a responsible guardian of whatever resources are yours.

  • Start amassing your medical staff when you are young. Care is more compassionate and competent when you have a long history with your primary care giver, your cardiologist, your opthmoligist, your dentist, your gynecologist,your orthopedic surgeon, your gastroenteroligist, your dermatoligist….even a healthy person needs these guardians and more.

  • Get your important papers in order…Your will, your power of attorney, your wishes re: resuscitation etc.

  • Stay put…’ll be happier where you have roots. If you need to move try not to leave your familiar area where you know the dry cleaner, your favorite grocery store, shopping mall etc.

  • Follow your bliss……sign up for a watercolor class, learn how to grow orchids, try your hand at quilting, explore ceramics, experiment with photography, how about creative writing? There has to be certain areas that you always wanted to experience but never had time.

  • Read voraciously …..romance, history, nonsense, politics, what ever strikes your fancy.

  • Say something caring…… at least one person everyday.

  • ….with or without a partner.

  • Belong to at least three clubs or groups (i.e., book, garden, political) where the membership is roughly half your age.

  • If you’re not…..become computer literate…your window to the world.

  • Learn to use a cell phone…’s your protection and security.

  • Give your time and resources to a cause that you feel passionate about. It doesn’t have to be money. It can be sharing your expertise and experience.

  • Listen to music and make your own………sing even if you can’t carry a tune.

  • ..write poetry… can do it!….. (often in the middle of the night) Write your memoirs…..can be done in short sketches and the next generation will benefit.

  • Find a way to exercise no matter how limited your physical capabilities may be.

  • ….even if it’s to the other side of town. Open your eyes…….Explore.

  • Talk and LISTEN to young people…..their music and their movies…..that’ll put a spin on your consciousness!

  • Always wear lipstick and your favorite colors.