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Colleen and Victor Smith

Colleen and her husband, Victor, were in the Seattle House with the Richmonds, and were sent from there to Cusick (remember the USA 12?) They were on their way in the summer of 1980 to a new assignment, and had stopped in Salt Lake City to see family when Victor died. Colleen then went to Chicago and from there was sent to Samoa/Tonga in 1982 where she was a huge blessing to all who worked with her. She came back to the US in 1985 and was in Denver House and then her own home in Denver until about 6 years ago when as her health failed moved to Moab to be near her son.

~~  Clare Whitney



November 2012:

Colleen Birth Smith left this life Thanksgiving afternoon in Moab Utah where she had lived for several years near her son and his family.  She and her husband, Victor, came to the community from Salt Lake City where they were in the religious house.  They went to Cusak, WA when the project began there and she worked as a Vista volunteer.  Victor died in 1980.  In 1982 she took assignment to Samoa and then to Tonga, returning in 1985 and living in Denver.  She moved to Moab several years ago to be near family. She leaves two sons and a daughter and many colleagues who remember her keen understanding and her passion for justice wherever she was. Grace and Peace,

~~  Clare Whitney