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Charles A. Watson

May 11, 2018




We are privileged to remember the life and service of Rev. C A Watson in the Spirit Movement.  Charles died on Friday, May 11, 2018 in London England, where he and Ardil and their family resided and served the Methodist church in their retirement.


Charles and Ardil, and their daughter, Grace Malar, were part of the Order Ecumenical in India, in the US in Chicago, and in the UK. Many will remember them for their family role in being  early symbols of  international  commitment to our ecumenical mission in Asia and from Chicago across the US. Charles gave a unique example of an elder Indian Christian clergyman to the many North American  church colleagues to whom he so effectively appealed to support the curriculum programs and the human development projects being continually launched by the OE and the ICA.

~~  Charles Lingo