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Carlos Zervigon

Carlos was the second pedagogue in our first RSI.  He was the primary person responsible for us to join the Order.  We are saddened by this, yet eternally grateful for his significant presence in our lives. Our prayers go out to Kathy and family for their (and our) loss. Prayerfully,

~~   Judith and Mike Tippett



Joe and I add our voices from the north country, and send deep condolences to the Zervigon family on the occasion of the completed life of Carlos. We have deep gratitude to the Mystery for the gift of his generous presence among us.  We remember Carlos so vividly in Summer ’66, especially the intense, profound conversations we enjoyed with him outside the Chapel at 3444 after evening sessions. I remember him as a passionate imaginal educator, and equally passionate champion of diversity, long before that term came into vogue.  He was sophisticated, sensitive, brilliant and utterly grounded in rSI  —  quite an impressive person.


I think we last enjoyed his company face-to-face in New Orleans when we gathered for our “pilgrimage” celebration marking the Year of Order Council in 1984.  Each time Carlos sent a comment on the list serve we ‘listened up’ with great interest and appreciation. Your family and the extended O:E family have been blessed to embrace Carlos among us. We send our love to you.  Grace and peace,

~~   Marilyn and Joe Crocker



Kathy, Carlos, George and Wanda were my mentors before Carol and I joined the Order. This gives us great sadness. The world will indeed miss just the expectation of being in the presence of his passionate care for all. Grace and Peace,

~~   George and Carol Walters


Carlos was my first RS-1 teacher after we moved into the Atlanta House. He changed my life. I celebrate his completed life.
~~   Terry McCabe


Carlos was one of a kind, who was among the Those Who Care people.  We’ll miss him.  New Orleans will not be the same without him.  We were part of the New Orleans cadre in the 60’s and never lost that connection.  Our thoughts are with Kathy, Mario and the rest of his family.

~~. George Holcombe