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Ann and Joe Slicker

December 1, 1920 – February 10, 2016

Following are videos of Joe Slicker from the Life Journey Stations created by Michael May:


Approaching the Peak of Being – Turtles all the Way Down


Knowing the Unknowable – The Great Circle of One  (beginning 6:45)


Deep Talk – Repetitive Interior Recitation    (beginning 2:40 – 5:50)


GO Deep! – Living Beneath the Surface 


Joe Slicker Interview:  The Dazzling Darkness and Joe Slicker


It is with wonder, gratitude and sadness that I share with you the passing of my father, Joseph Allen Slicker, who left his body today, Ash Wednesday, after a brief bout with pneumonia. He was surrounded by family throughout this time. We grieve and celebrate his amazing and wondrous completed life. A memorial service will be held – date to be announced.

          ~~  John Slicker

Joe was the second teacher (Joe Mathews was first and Fred Buss the third) for my first RS-1. Over the years I got to know Joe, as well as he permitted, for he was not an easy-to-know man. He was a giant of the Spirit, fa’ shure.  Amen.

          ~~  M Landolphe D’Aquin-B MD ThD