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Spirit Movement

Spirit Methods

12:31 27 August in Spirit Movement

The Spirit Methods courses were taught in the first Academies and International Training Institutes in the late 1960s. They were first called the Religious Methods courses and were organized into four areas with four talks in each area. The 1969 Religious Methods lecture titles; an...

Social Methods

12:30 27 August in Spirit Movement

GRIDDING    Geosocial Gridding, 1997  Global Movement Grids, 1971  Pacifica Grids (for printing)  Sample Global and Area Grids (for printing)  Global to Local Grids (for printing)   PLANNING   Contradictions Workshop, David Dunn, 2000 Theoretics and Practices of Facilitating Strategic Planning, James Troxel, 1991 Indicative Planning, December, 1981 Mathews, Joseph, Methods...

Intellectual Methods

18:35 23 August in Spirit Movement

Intellectual talks and methods were initially taught in the Academy and International Training Institutes (ITIs) globally. These courses were revised, updated and strengthened during the following years by ICA offices and individuals teaching them. What follows represents some of the initial work that was done....