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Vocational Journey
Summer 1981

  Council of the Order Ecumenical


The Panchayat created a vocational journey chart, the basis of a conversation model, for the Order Council in Summer of 1981.

In the 1981 July Council, [the Bug model, » see page 6] was rearticulated to reflect the current movemental thrust as: the word Study pointing to deepening movemental leadership prowess; the word Symbol pointing to deepening the self-conscious journey of the spirit; declaration (Witnessing Love) pointing to eventful proclamation of hope; and manifestation ( Justing Love) pointing to four-sector structural engagement. The common Discipline will involve the forming and convenanting of Global Regional Teams (Roundtable Manual, New York, 1981–82).

Rite of Passage (1981)—6th grade trip to Mexico


The Movement


• Training, Inc. opened in Indianapolis, Indiana as the first national replication of the program. Training the trainers was introduced.


• Training, Inc. Word Processing opened in Chicago.


• A “Student Leadership Program” was developed and held in St. Paul, Minnesota.


• A “Leadership Training Seminar” was held in the evening over several weeks in New York.


• In 1981, IMAGE, A Journal on the Human Factor, first published in 1966 by the Ecumenical Institute, reestablished a regular publishing schedule. It was prepared by the research staff of ICA Chicago and published quarterly. “The purpose of the publication is to share research, training and demonstration methods developed over the last quarter century” (IMAGE, October–December, 1981). Each issue focused on a single, broad theme:


» January–March 1981 — Corporate Research Methods


» April–June 1981 — Imaginal Training Methods


» July–September 1981 — Demonstrating Human Development


» October–December 1981 — The Human Factor in Local Development

Regional Consults were held in 62 locations throughout the world (Annual Report, 1981).


The Jamaican Potential: A Consultation On Human Development In The 80s was attended by representatives from 46 public, private, and voluntary agencies and residents from 16 local communities. The insights of 1,300 people who took part in forums or interviews were synthesized during a Symposium attended by 106 people.


Formation Fortnight in Brussels, a volunteer training program began with a three-day Research Colloquy, was followed by a seven-day Training Practicum, and ended with a three-day Symposium. Thirty-one European volunteers went to third world Human Development Projects.


(The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1981 [italics added])

Three Block Village Consults were held in India (Stanfield, 1992).


A research paper, “The Ritual Life of the Ecumenical Institute,” earned Nancy Grow a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Chicago Theological Seminary… (Grow, 1993).