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The Campus Ministry


Austin, Texas – 1952

The Campus Ministry Experiment existed within the Christian Faith and Life Community (CFLC) at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Jack Lewis, a Presbyterian clergyman, was the campus minister. Two good background articles about the Christian Faith and Life Community were published in 1962, the tenth anniversary of its founding.*


The Campus Ministers Symposium

The Christian Faith and Life Community (CFLC), 2503 Rio Grande Street, Austin, Texas, was chartered in Texas in 1952 as an ecumenical lay training and research center, for the purpose of pioneering and developing new ways of training the laity for the sake of the renewal of the church.

[symposium brochure]

The Faith and Life Community and the Campus Ministry were inspired by visits to the sites in Europe of the lay movement that was a response to the horror of the second world war, calling into question the role of the church in society and affirming the need for the laity to be theologically competent (George West, email 3/18/2014).

*These articles are retrievable online. See