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Warren Tolman

I am sorry to have to share this news with you – Warren Tolman completed this earthly portion of his journey during his 81st trip around the sun on March 1st. I took an impromptu 4-day vacation trip to Florida last week with our daughter, Bonnie and her 16yo daughter.  He was “sleeping peacefully” when we returned.  Those of you who knew him well will understand that he chose this, and prepared us well.


The family will have a memorial sometime this summer when all the college-age grandkids are available.  Warren wanted his ashes to be scattered in some special places – think of him at Fenway Park and Boston Garden, as well as a variety of golf courses on which he kept many of us laughing – it was his very special talent (his sense of humor, not so much his golf – though that, too, was quite humorous at times!!)


Our family is taking really good care of me.  I’m with Bonnie’s family this week; Greg is coming to stay with me next week. Bonnie’s other daughter has a summer job near my home, so she will be living with me weekdays from May to September (perhaps there’s a song in there?).  Greg’s daughter, Laura, is a Navy wife. They, along with our very first great-granddaughter, Aurnia, will be transferring to nearby Connecticut in late August (can’t wait to have them living closer to me!).  I am fortunate, indeed, to have such a loving/caring family.


The journey we shared with many of you touched these locations:  Boston (1968); Seattle (1968-1970); Kansas City (1970-1973); Atlanta (1973-1975); Nairobi and Kamweleni, Kenya (1975-1978), Frankfurt, Germany (1978-1979).  The dates are approximate – of course I could be much more “specific” if I had Warren’s famous notebooks with me – he was such a detailed note-taker!  Others of you will have known Warren from Chicago summer meetings and HDP consults. Journey on, in Peace,
~~  Geri Tolman

Dear Geri, Bonnie, Greg, and grandchildren,


Our hearts ache with you in the death of our colleague Warren.  Our minds immediately go back to Kansas City days and the great adventure of wheeling and dealing to immediately buy two old clunkers so that we could “get on the road” to recruitment of RS-I and PLC, and the expansion of the houses in Kansas and Nebraska.


We filled up the KC house quickly with RS-I colleagues and sojourners—adding additional rooms in the basement. We remember fondly Warren’s wry humor and the decisional care that he brought to many challenging situations. Greg, Bonnie and our Johnny were a part of our Emerging Generation, and many others who became part of our in-house preschool.  We also had a vibrant youth cluster.


This was during the days of the Local Church Experiment and we remember struggling mightily together to make sense of all those manuals coming from Chicago, but also the joy of working with those local churches as they searched for new life in their congregations.


We also remember the more recent re-contact with you and other colleagues through the golf outings down South. Grace and Peace to you all as we celebrate with you the profound journey of our colleague Warren!

          ~~  Lynda and John

Warren Tolman and John Cock who were members of the Kansas City House of the Order Ecumenical, visited my home in Lincoln Nebraska several times after my husband, Dick Kucera, and I attended an event in Kansas City – the beginning of a long journey that eventually saw me moving to Lorimor, Iowa, where I began an internship in the ICA House with Dick and Gail West, and Gene and Iris Boivin.  Thank you, Warren and John, for your persistence!  In Community,
~~  Carol Kucera Crow