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Mary Avery Work

1942 – July 18, 2003

Rob Work remembers Mary, July 19., 2021:

Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the passing of Mary Elizabeth Avery Work, my beloved wife of thirty-five years, when she completed her life of sixty years and ten months. Below are some of the wise words that she wrote a few months before she died:

True Darkness

Light Resurrected

Eternal Now

My angle on creation

True Darkness

Light resurrects me

Eternal now

I want to

Help people articulate

 Their angle on creation

 Their sense of foreground/background

 Their life questions

By focusing their energy of

 Current reality

Releasing their energy of

Psychic tensions

Harnessing their energy of

 Mythic, archetypal, interior

 Images and Stories

Integrating their energy of

 Deep connections


I am the light of the world


I am the light of the world


I am the light of the world

Each light is sacred

All lights are one

I am the light of the world

Transforming my cancer

A need to be kicked into/onto a higher level

An evolutionary leap

A fractal pattern –

The first journey – 8 years old

 Into the stars until I don’t exist – the message

 A longing for the experience of falling into the stars

a physical experience

I don’t exist – the return

Seeking unknowingly

Blindly, releasing energies

The second journey

 Cancer continues the pushing into other realms

 Fractal pattern

 Keep going deeper into cancer

 I don’t exist

Keep going deeper into stars

 I don’t exist

Stars are patterns of light

Nodes are patterns of Indra’s Net

In the midst of return

The message through Light

A reflection of the I AM

Not a light generated by me

Inside me – me is me

But this me is captured

 In the light and has become

 A reflection – light in every cell

Light resurrecting

 Live in now if

 Caught in this light/life

Cancer – true darkness


 Primordial light

 Penetrate to higher


True darkness

 Light resurrects me

Eternal now

New feminine – sacred

 Image woven in my

 Lungs – Indra’s net

Reminder of the fractal pattern

Journey – to receive the message

 I don’t exist

The return

 Where am I now

The mythic

 Harnessing irrational energy

Energy process


 Vibrational movement

 Light pouring into dark dense cells

Thanking darkness

 Enabling me to move out

 Received as darkness

 The Great Doubt

Forms in front – 3 inches

 From sternum – coalescing

Needs an objective symbol

– The Great Doubt

– The Friends

How can I connect

 Being salt of the Earth

 And light for the world?

How can I shine in a salty way?

 Pouring forth ions that bring

 Ease and calm and peace and aliveness?

What is birthing?

What is implanted?

What is ready to grow?

I am challenged to demonstrate the

 Sign of the light

– movement and repose

How do I move as light?

How do I rest as light?

I am challenged to be salt to the world:

 Alive, piquant, essentially good

 The salt of the Earth – a preserver

 The taste of the sea, the giver of


How may I cherish saltiness,

in myself and others?

How am I salt to the world?

I am challenged to be a light

 Shining among the people

 Who see the good you do and

 Praise the I AM, Mystery, Divine Light.

May those things I touch

 And create be structures of light

 Dedicated to light

May I feel myself part of the explosion

 Of inward light, capable of returning

 Consciously and freely into the

Source of Light.

I remember and honor the loves of my life.

I enjoy with delight the signs of loves celebration


I open freely and respond creatively

 To the mystery of each present moment

 I work to deepen and stabilize an awareness of the

 work of the spirit and soul

 Illuminating my understanding of the forces

 That work in beauty within

 Me and all beings

Divine light is prayer

 May my prayer shine

 The light of divine care

 On children. May I help

 To create a world where

 Children are cherished

 May divine light as I

 Experience it in my body

 Work to heal my wounds

 Work to heal the wounds of

 The children, the Earth.


Energy vortex

Waters unleashed


Rushing energy

Water vibrates

Receives all

Embraces, cleanses

Darkness and pain

Falls away

Purity of light

Unseen calm

Flow beneath

Patterns created