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Letty Lynn Maloney


Cookie and Jerry interned in the Order on the Westside in the “famous/infamous” class of 1966.  Jerry and I were job hunting together. Cookie was a great asset to our group.

          ~~  Len Hockley


The Maloney’s were in the Order for a short time, I believe, in Chicago, but I am not certain of the dates. I was not in Chicago at the time. For part of her life, she was known as “Cookie” and may have gone by that name when she and Jerry were in the Order.

Letty Lynn was a wonderful character and tremendously gifted spirit–bright, determined and passionate. She was devoted to her family and to the world around her. She was a United Methodist, a Yellow Dog Democrat (you might call her a “Golden Wolf Democrat”)–engaged in life. Laura said, “She was in the Order, and the Order was in her.” Part of the celebration of her life and death included celebration of the Common Meal by friends and
colleagues. She will be missed and remembered.
~~  Doris Hahn