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Judy Gilles

October 19, 2014

So many memories of conversations and connections. Every time I met Judy I experienced her very being as a wake up call, as a living question – Are you living a life of possibility today? She will be missed.  With love, sadness and respect,

          ~~  Larry and Evelyn

Good night, Judy, good night; may you rest well… smiling, gently sharing, knowingly partnering, seeking soulfully to be connected, now reaching out to farthest realities, journeying on and on, ashes born by faithfulness and the energy of devotion in companionship.

Good morning, Jack, good day!  May you continue to rise to the every occasion of your commitments, may you stand fast in your elder’s role, may you be nourished by many sisters and brothers, may you make the great solitary long walk of care and sorrow with profound gratitude for the presence of Judy in you. May you let go and flow into the all with our complete respect.
~~  Charles Alan Lingo

Compassion for Jack in confronting his new reality. Compassion for ourselves as our memories of Judy fall into the category of “dearly departed loved ones.”

I met Judy in 1970, when she and John lived in Sacramento and were, I believe, part of a local church cadre. One of their first Order assignments was the Sixth Grade Trip in 1971. Our daughter Suzanne was one of the 6th graders. She always spoke of Judy with great affection and respect. At Suzanne’s memorial service, we sang, “I’ll be waiting on the far-side banks of Jordan.” I can clearly imagine Suzy running forward to greet Judy with great joy. Jack, thank you for your faithfulness and love for our beautiful sister. In gratitude for this community,

          ~~  Jann McGuire

Much has been rightly said paying tribute to Judy’s remarkable life. All who knew her were blessed by her presence. One particular incident comes to mind. Judy and Jack were visiting us in Malaysia, and we decided to enjoy dinner at an outdoor stall near our house. We went in great expectation of a great meal for which the stall is noted, and we sat beneath an umbrella at a table in the courtyard. Just after we placed our order, the rain came. It was more than a rain; it was a topical deluge of massive proportions, and we were outdoors under an umbrella that shed most of the water. The other patrons ran quickly for shelter. We looked at each other, shrugged, and sat still. The waiters finally and reluctantly brought our food using portable umbrellas, and we continued the laughter and conversation that never
stalled, despite being thoroughly drenched from the knees down. Judy made that a memorable moment with her light-hearted affirmation of difficult circumstances. She was a constant witness to the goodness of all that is. She will be missed.

           ~~  John  Epps

Dear Jack, Your faithful care of and for Judy has been an inspiration for years. I celebrate you in the same breath I use to celebrate Judy’s life and the contributions both of you as a team have made to the world.

The first time I met Judy was about a year after I re-connected with EI/ICA (following a long disconnect reminiscent, to me, of HH’s Journey to the East). I’d brought a group to the 1994 Global Gathering in Lonavala from the still-forming ICA /Zagreb, and when I met Judy and introduced her to our little Croatian contingent, she was so very warm and gracious to each of my fledglings that they all immediately felt a part of things. This in the midst of Judy having huge responsibilities for the whole conference. Yet she took time for the radical hospitality needed by three Croats who were new to ICA and also traveling outside the former Yugoslavia for the first time in the midst of dire warnings about the outbreak of Plague in India.

Judy (along with some other very special, very generous colleagues like her) came to represent the new ICA for me in ways that encouraged me during my six years in Zagreb and Sarajevo trying to build sustainable new ICAs there. I”ve already been missing her: I think all of us will go on missing her indefinitely. Bless you, Jack. Carry on , friend. Journey on, Judy.

          ~~  Susan Fertig

Upon hearing the news of Judy’s passing, a picture of her dancing in the archive room came up for me. Archive volunteers were  gathered, listening to music from a summer program performance of Cabaret.  Slowly, Judy got up from where she had been sitting most of the day and began to move gracefully to the music. It was a beautiful expression of her spirit. We sat in stunned, appreciative silence. When she finished dancing the room  burst into soft cheers and applause.
~~  Beret

We light a candle for Judy  as a symbol of the light she brought to us and so many. Light, love & peace,
~~  Salvatore Caruso