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Ed Shinn

November 2014


Experience vintage Ed Shinn in this brief clip from a 2010 Interior Mythos Journeys Interview:  I Am the Universe

And HERE is the entire interview with Ed and Mimi Shinn.




AttachmentsOur revered friend Edwin Shinn was a towering figure in the world of Human Development. With his passing away an era of has gone. His passionate and firey intensity of purpose, dedication and compassion inspired every on around him.


We met Ed and Mimi in Chicago at the Institute of Cultural affairs and later worked together in the village of Maliwada in India during the Human Development Project days and co- facilitated a number of training programmes in India and Ft Collins. Ed and Mimi came to the Human Development Training School in India where Ed inspired hundreds of youth with his unending vitality and zest for life.


We are eternally  grateful to Ed for introducing us to Village Earth.mHe has left indelible foot prints around the world. May his Creator rest his soul in peace and give Mimi and children to bear this huge loss. We echo the attached age old wisdom while saluting the great soul of Ed.

~~  Vinod and Kamala


We remember Ed as the passionate, mud-covered staff member in Maliwada who late one afternoon announced at the top of his voice, “It’s the right kind of MUD to launch our BRICK FACTORY!!!”  I know JWM always referred to Rupert Barnes as Kenya’s “ wild man”, but Ed would certainly have earned that moniker for India.  Both of these brilliant colleagues had an unquenchable passion for local people and planet earth.


In visiting the website for Village Earth for the first time this evening, after reading Vinod’s reference to it, I learned about this amazing network of caring and development Ed and Mimi launched from your diaspora spot in Colorado.  As JWM might say, “What wonders God has wrought through that Shinn family!!”


So many precious memories of our year as part of the HDTS team in Maliwada flood my mind this evening – the frogs in the coffee tin that Nat and our kids hid (in our bedroom); Boney Maroney, the best fed dog in India; the night you, David Scott and we shared a dung covered second floor loft as facilitators of the Pune consult; the night the rats ran across our bed and up and out across the transom because we had cookies in the priest’s quarters where we were writing the document after that consult; the haircut you gave me in Maliwada that everyone claimed made me look 10 years younger (and I loved that, but was only 34 then!!).


Your brilliant and committed husband was such a treasure, wherever he showed up on planet earth.  Intense, passionate, committed, determined, dogged, willing to go to the wall, sensitive, responsive, and so many more qualities – this list only slightly illuminates our beloved Ed Shinn.


We extend our love and wishes for comfort to you, Rachael, Mark and Nat at this time of your deep loss and celebration. Grace and peace,

          ~~  Marilyn and Joe Crocker


When Ed and Mimi left Richgrove in the early 80’s, they lived here in Lindsay for a few weeks until they got their bearings. It was such a privilege to be their neighbor as they struggled to plot their next steps. I’ve been full of wonder as I’ve heard from them and others from time to time of their work since then.


Ed called to express his love and concern when my husband Fred was very ill – too ill and disoriented to talk, but his face lit up when he heard Ed’s voice. It pleases me to imagine they’re having a great conversation now, punctuated by good laughs. My love to Mimi, Mark, Rachel and Nate, and prayers for their consolation.

          ~~. Jann McGuire