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Ann St. John

May 25, 1961 – June 16, 2019


Ann St. John’s Life Story

in her own voice, essentially a self-told eulogy, at her memorial service:



A Tribute to Ann St. John’s Life

Ann was born in Geneva, Illinois. When she was eight, her family joined the Ecumenical Institute, an intentional religious community that provided teaching and service around the world. Ann grew up with other families doing the same work in each city where she lived. In this unique environment, she cultivated friendships that thrived throughout her life. During her summers, Ann served as an Institute camp counselor who was revered by all.


During Ann’s K-12 years, she attended urban schools in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Rochester. While Ann didn’t enjoy school, she learned to adapt to challenges through her leadership skills, athleticism, and sense of humor. She persevered through school and earned a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, and completed work toward a Master’s degree in early childhood education.


Ann’s upbringing was the foundation for her becoming an entrepreneur. At age 25, she moved to Bloomington and started St. John Associates, Inc., a medical recruiting company. She thrived in the challenge of creating the business and loved her colleagues. She worked with a sense of purpose, integrity, and her unique combination of directness and kindness. Ann harnessed her business success for the benefit of non-profit organizations in Bloomington, both as active worker and philanthropist. The Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington and Habitat for Humanity were among the organizations she promoted and supported. At Habitat, Ann taught the Finance Class one Saturday per month for fifteen years and made many longtime friends in the process.


Ann continues to live in the hearts of her devoted partner in marriage of 29 years, Michael May; the children she co-parented, Samson May (Blake), Maryellen May, Zachary May, and Michael May Jr.; her parents, Wendell and Shirley St. John; her siblings David St. John (Karin); and Jane St. John (Bob Woolford); her adopted sister Sue Aquila (Katie Weismiller); her grandchildren Keenan May, Kaia May, Ellie Warren, Lila Warren, Lander Greulich, Augustine Greulich, and Christoph Gruelich, and many nieces, nephews and friends.


May we release Ann from the limits of time, space, and physicality and honor her enduring presence in our lives.




On June 16, 2019, the friend, personality, self, mind, and beautiful woman we knew and loved as Ann St. John slipped beneath the waves of consciousness and into our hearts to dwell forever as a Messenger of the Deep.


I invite you to join me in the embrace and practice of a new relationship to this extraordinary human being with whom we have been gifted to share the path of life.


May we hold awe-filled silence together in releasing Ann from the limits of time, space, and physicality as we honor and touch her enduring presence in our lives. Love to all,

~~  Michael May


Ann was among the brightest spirits I’ve ever met. Her heart was tender, her mind was sharp, and her spirit was unconquerable. She was truly unforgettable ~ and her memory now belongs to the ages

          ~~  Patrick Moriarty