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Ann Harrison Avery

December 16, 1940  –  September 25, 2022


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Desmond Avery writes:

Full of gratitude for Ann’s life, we sang ‘For all the the saints’ at her funeral in our local church in rural England the 5th of September. The church was full, and everybody knew the tune.  In his eulogy Paul Schrijnen read this poem Ann had written one previous October:


Autumn Joy

I like to shuffle through the leaves

yellow and brown

Beauty all over the ground.

I could just keep on looking down.

But then I look up at the branches
Where the last leaves linger
just a few days longer
still some green with yellow and gold
each tree different
black trunk’s shape showing through
as the tree undresses gradually.
Soon it will stand, stark naked against the sky.


I remember autumns in other times and other places.
– Red maples in a Toronto cemetery,
– Virginia creeper in Geneva as scarlet as in Wellingore
– Red sumac in Chattanooga on a red-clay lot as it is now on our green garden
– A golden forest in a park south of Paris.


My mother’s birthday is in October – is that why I love autumn?
Or is it, that I love the fact, that the colours are always present in the leaf
Hidden beneath the chlorophyll,
And the idea that the colours of our lives are always within us,
waiting to blaze forth as the greenness of youth recedes?


The colours are doing just that here now.



Thank you for this Paul. Desmond, Joan and family, May you grieve in peace now. I only knew OF the Averys but through this poem, I have known the beauty, soul  and loving heart of Ann Avery. Ib gratitude,

~~  Judi White


Desmond, our hearts embrace your gratitude for Ann’s life and the void remaining. May her presence forever be with you as you continue to celebrate her life. You two were very special in our lives and in the life of the community. Though years and decades have passed there will always be a deep connection with you. Peace.

          ~~  Bill Parker


Dear Desmond, Our gratitude for Ann’s grace and your life together.  Thank you for your first visit to us in Hearst and for your wonderful hosting in England more recently.  Your life together has been sheer blessing.

          ~~  John and Thea Patterson


Thank you so much, Desmond, for sharing Ann’s poem–it took me to a new place. I remember Ann who I knew only a little but remember her grace.

          ~~  Diann McCabe


Dear Desmond, Jim and I  send our sincerest condolences to you in the loss of your beloved Ann. A beautiful tribute she has left in her Poem.  May you find comfort in your memories and through the support and love of family and friends. With love,

          ~~  Isobel Bishop


Desmond, A beautiful poem written by a beautiful woman inside and out. Blessings to you and your family.

          ~~  Judita Paz (aka Judith Hamje)


What a lovely memorial poem Ann has given us with which to remember her. Thank you Ann. Blessings Desmond. 🙏

~~  Sarah Buss


Desmond, The poem brought tears, joyous one’s. May the memories wrap you in blessings as Ann joins the Saints.

          ~~  Sunny Walker