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Local Church Experiment

To respond to the needs of the world

The transformative purpose of the Local Church Experiment (LCX) was to provide churches with tools to REFORM congregations from an “individual-needs” focus to addressing the NEEDS OF THE WORLD, strengthening the practice of “loving thy neighbor as thyself.”  The intent was to renew the human spirit in the socio-religious context of the local church.  


The three-fold mission of the historical church:

    • to bear witness to the Word that heals the human spirit;
    • to be a catalytic power to see that justice is imparted to all people; and
    • to live as a sign of hope in a style that demonstrates possibility.


Launched in 1970 by a Research Assembly of 500 persons (including clergy and lay leaders), the Local Church Experiment was organized in three dynamics:

      1. the cadre as the core unit is the catalyst to the congregation,
      2. the congregation as the primal community is the local unit for service and
      3. the parish as the human settlement is empowered by the congregation.


 The Local Church Experiment provided a range of programs for both laity and clergy focused on renewing local churches. This section provides the history of this work and stories of churches who participated in the LCX.


The LCX was initiated in 1970 with the purpose of taking churches on a journey towards their own renewal through a theological renewal based on putting the Christian scriptures into the secular action.  A tactical system was designed of comprehensive actions in worship, study, life together and mission to enable the congreation to transform itself.  Spirit life practices were created to enable personal images of possibility and access to God-conciousness.


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The Local Church Experiment: A comprehensive experiment to challenge church renewal