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Wonderful Working Session: Pull-Together of Action Ideas about the Future

15nov12:00 pm2:00 pmWonderful Working Session: Pull-Together of Action Ideas about the FutureExploring a Deep and Relevant Question

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The six sessions we have had so far addressing the question,

“What will it take to release large amounts of sustained human energy towards significant social (economic, political, and cultural) change over the rest of this century?” 

have generated 218 answers which you all have organized into 47 different named clusters. Additionally, those of you who participated via the online survey generated an additional 120 some answers which have not been clustered as yet.


As a way of moving forward with this experiment, over the next week, we intend to review our answers to see what they are telling us that is useful and significant for all involved. 

Each of you can help us in 2 ways:

1. Connect with some other participants, set a time, and together — Follow one of the links below to look at what we have come up with and “play around” with how to pull this together.

2. REGISTER HERE to join us on Zoom on Monday, November 15 at 12 noon Denver time. We have scheduled a 2-hour session to pull this all together. 


OH, and 3. Are you more PROCESS ORIENTED?? Lauren, Jan, and I want to do more of these. Are you willing to help in reviewing and improving the CONSTRUCT and technology we used? Let us know. Here is a link to our current procedures.

Send a message to Lauren <> that you want to help. We are setting up a group to work on this.

Procedures for #1 above.  We have created 6 workspaces on the GOOGLE SLIDES one for each Pilot session – see links below where we have placed the full results of each of the pilot sessions, along with a set of colored “stickies” bearing the cluster titles from that session. On the following slide is a triangular model – the social process triangles which is a drawing together of most of the inter-related processes that go on in a society or social group (economic, political and cultural). – for more info see . . .


Details on how you can help:

1. Between now and next Monday, PLAY AROUND with what we have come up with. NOTE: We have set up workspaces on MURAL and sent you a VISITOR link. You should be able to click and see the “Mural Wall” You SHOULD be able to move things around and add comments. YOU MAY need to find and watch a video on how to use MURAL before you start. What the heck we are in a digital age!!

Anyway, click into one of the workspaces, review the results of the session, look over the social process triangle and then place each of the stickies where it seems most relevant. Be aware of the question you are using in placing the titles (when we tried this it seemed easiest to go by levels – Take the cluster (for example) Many Vocational Decisions to see going thru this as our personal & professional responsibility” Is this cluster more a responsibility of the Economic Process (Resources, Production, Distribution), the Political Process (Order, Justice, Welfare) or the Cultural Process (Wisdom, Style, Symbol). Suppose you said this answer fits more with the Cultural Process, then ask, Is this cluster more a responsibility of Communal Wisdom (Useful Skills Process, Accumulated Knowledge Process or Fundamental Meanings Process) or Communal Style (Cyclical Roles Process, Procreative Scheme Process, or Social Structures Process) or Communal Symbols (Corporate Language Process, Social Art Process, or Common Religion Process). Suppose you said it fit best as a part of Communal Styles . . . then you look to the next level down to confirm (Social Structures // Basic Roles??) Follow down the levels as far as makes sense.

Now at some point you may say, “This one does not fit into this social process” Good. Put it off to the side– with a note that shares your insight.


WHAT IF I REALIZE THIS IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO GO ABOUT THIS?? Great. Follow your intuitions and share what you come up with!!


HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART: notice what new, deeper insights you are getting about THIS PARTICULAR answer, and about our question. Share this somehow. Once you do several, the insights and reflections will begin to flow. Note them down. Send me an email!!

          If you want to use GOOGLE SLIDES— use this link:

          If you prefer to use the MURAL WALL— use this link. 

Our session will run for about 90-120 minutes.


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Event has already taken place!


(Monday) 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm(GMT-07:00)

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Lauren Liger

ToP Facilitator

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