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Training for Human Development
Summer 1979

The Global Symposium


Research Assembly


• Spun talks around The Way.


• Established global priorities.


• Emphasis was on building models to address commonly faced issues (The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1979).


» How can local economies be diversified and strengthened?


» What training models will best give people adequate skills for supporting themselves?


» How can local leadership be most effectively developed and motivated?


» How can traditions of disunity and separation be supplanted with patterns of cooperative action?


» How can people be interiorly sustained in the exhausting work of community renewal?


» How can vocational burnout be avoided?


• The 25th anniversary “Silver Jubilee” celebration of the Institute was held in July with people from 24 nations.


Rite of Passage (1979)—6th grade trip to the Ozark Mountains

1979 - 1980

The Movement


In July, Nava Gram Prayas in Maharashtra, India celebrated completion of 232 Village Consults. Cluster Village Consults began in India (Brian Stanfield, 1993).


“Research Centrum was located off the Guild Hall. A large wall was constructed of file cabinets. Created a huge montage on the wall of history back to… Had the TIME Magazine ‘Man of the Year’ covers back to 1946. Colleagues began to call it the ‘Wall of Wonder’ and it was the precursor to the ToP™ method, The Environmental Scan (Jim Wiegel, 1993).





The Human Development Training School (HDTI), previously offered in third world villages was adapted for use in urban settings in the developed world. In 1979, it was taught in Kenya, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Korea. Three were conducted in the United States


The Ecumenical Institute continued to offer weekend seminars on Imaginal Education and religious studies, the eight-week Global Academy, and the three-week International Training Institute for clergy and lay people around the world.


Forty percent of the full-time international staff are from the United States. The Order Ecumenical staffs programs of both the Ecumenical Institute and the Institute of Cultural Affairs.


Global Community Forum Program expands, 4,130 are held in 1979.


ICA programs are held in 40 nations and there are offices in 107 locations. Second Human Development Project replication begins in Kenya, Africa.


(The Institute of Cultural Affairs, 1979).

• Chicago Training, Inc. #1 opened


• LENS International was formed.


• A Corporation LENS training held for all Priors.


• An ITI in Ibadan, Nigeria, was attended by churchmen from Nigeria, Ghana, and Bejing.


  The Madrid House was opened.


• “The Long Table” training module was held in Sol de Septiembre, Chile.


• The Maneuver Method was created, during 1979 and 1980.


• An “Effective Supervision” course was created and training was done in a major corporation in Minneapolis. Effective Supervision program development continued during 1979 and 1980.



  In the winter of 1980, the Panchayat visited every Area House around the globe [to lead] planning workshops, spirit conversations, and reporting (Doris Hahn, 2014).


• Fifth City Business Careers (1980), was a spin-off of the downtown Chicago Training, Inc. which began in 1979.